Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn to Make Your Job Search Easier

If you are looking for a career that offers growth, metalcasting may be the ideal fit for you. Employees can start on the floor and quickly work their way up to become inside sales managers, foundry superintendents and or facilities engineering supervisors. You will put yourself in the best position to be found by recruiters by harnessing the power of social media tools. Searching for jobs like these is much easier when you leverage LinkedIn to let metalcasting recruiters know that you are open to being considered for some of these jobs. Here’s how you can increase your visibility on LinkedIn to make your job search easier.

1. Broaden Your Reach

You could be missing out on great career opportunities with smaller companies by keeping your profile private. Only those traditionally larger firms that pay for LinkedIn Recruiter will be able to find you in searches unless you change your setting from “private to public” in your profile settings.

2. Set Job Preferences

Update your “Career Interests” section in LinkedIn. Recruiters can’t find you unless your career interests are turned on and updated with the job titles, locations, and types of work that you’re open to. If you are actively on a job search, you can set your profile to “Open to Opportunities,” which lets recruiters know that you’d like to hear about available opportunities.

3. Market Yourself

Your profile is your personal brand. Don’t be afraid to take some risks to make yourself more memorable to hiring managers. Keep your profile updated by listing recently completed projects, and stay active by liking, sharing, and commenting on content posted on relevant groups. Some recommended heavy manufacturing groups that will help to keep you in the loop include: Metals Industry Jobs, Foundrymen, Metallurgy jobs, Foundry and Casting User and Buyer, Die Casters Group, Foundry and Diecaster Network, and American Foundry Society (AFS). AFS may also have a local chapter LinkedIn group to join.

4. Complete Your Profile

It’s not uncommon for people to leave sections of their LinkedIn profiles unfinished. If you already have a LinkedIn account, then be sure to complete your full profile so you are more visible to hiring managers and recruiters. Some of the most successful profiles share these things in common: information about education, location, a picture, a summary statement, and a headline. If you can find a current or former co-worker to recommend you, it can be a particularly powerful message to hiring managers and recruiters.

5. Other Tips

Here are some other useful hacks to help your profile to appear in more search results and make your job search easier. List a current position even during periods of unemployment. When prompted to enter a specific employer just state “various.” Skills tend to carry more significance than job titles. Don’t let your profile go stale; proof-read your writing and makes sure to keep it updated regularly. Just remember that you could be missing out on great opportunities by keeping your profile set to “private.” Make sure your account isn’t set to private so you will appear in search results.



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