4 Signs You Should Work in Metalcasting for a Living

Metalcasting is more than just pouring metal. The industry offers many exciting career paths in business management, chemical engineering, accounting, safety management, metallurgy, and more. If you’ve ever wondered about this industry and felt drawn to lean more, maybe it’s time examine what makes it unique. Here are four signs you should work in metalcasting for a living.

1. You Like Working on a Team

A career in metalworking offers many opportunities to collaborate in a team setting. You will be able to learn from team members and improve your skills every day, as well as teach and help others improve. You get to meet new, interesting people and form a supportive professional community. If you enjoy working with other people to solve problems, metalcasting is a great career choice.

3. You Like to Work with Your Hands

In a metalworking career, you will work in a timeless field. Humans have been working with metal for thousands of years. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with the past and make something with your hands. You have a chance to see your work create functional products in the real world.

4. You Want to Improve the World

Metalcasting improves the world. Foundries often use huge amounts of scrap metal (keeping it out of landfills) and make new products, aiding in recycling. Metalcasting creates many vital products necessary to society, such as construction equipment, automobile parts, washing machine components, and so much more. You will have the comfort of knowing the work you do helps real people every day.

5. You Want a Career with Upward Mobility

In the metalcasting industry, there are various career paths and opportunities for upward mobility. Post-high school jobs in the field include molder, machine operator, lab technician, quality assurance, welder, electrician, and maintenance mechanic, with wages ranging from $17+/hr and $24+/hr. From there you can become a lead or a salaried supervisor and work up the management ranks. With additional training and degrees, you can work as a metallurgist, engineering manager, sales manager, president, etc. and make from $76,000+/yr -$175,000+/yr.

If you want a career that is exciting, pays well, and allows you to work with your hands, consider the metalcasting industry. You will work in a team environment, meet interesting people, learn new skills, and create products that help real people and improve communities.


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