Best Practices to Prepare For a Job Interview



For most people, job interviews are tremendously stressful. You want to make a great impression on the hiring manager, so you worry about making mistakes. The best way to increase your odds of having a successful interview in the foundry market is preparation. Here are some of the best practices to prepare for a job interview.

Do Your Research in Advance

Interviews are largely an exercise in communication. One of the keys of excellent communication is to understand your audience. This requires research. Before any interview, you should research both the company and the person who will be interviewing you. The good news is that it’s easier today than ever to be fully prepared for an interview, thanks to the Internet.

Look on the company website, check out their LinkedIn profile, read recent news stories about the company, etc. You want to understand the company’s core values and goals. Most foundries list their capabilities, metals poured, quality systems, equipment used, products cast, etc. on their website. You should know this going into the interview. You can incorporate what you learn into your answers to show the hiring manager that you share the values and goals of the company.

Think about How You Will Present Yourself

First impressions are everything, so be mindful about how you present yourself. On the phone, be courteous and gracious. At the face-to-face interview, you should arrive on time (or slightly early) and dress professionally. The foundry industry is much more laid-back than other industries in terms of dress. We generally recommend khakis and a button up shirt for everything except executive positions. Be friendly to everyone, including receptionists and assistants. Cultivate an attitude of quiet confidence, friendliness, and a willingness to be a team-player. Demonstrate good posture and manners. Avoid talking about religion or politics. It’s first and foremost unprofessional, but you never know who you might offend.

Commit to Honesty

During interviews, it is tempting to embellish. If you are worried about not having enough experience, you might try to present yourself as having more experience or skills than you actually have. The problem is hiring managers can usually tell if someone lies to them. Plus, most things can be fact-checked when the company checks out your references. No hiring manager is going to hire someone they do not trust, so it is imperative that you always tell the truth during interviews. Instead of embellishing to cover experience that you don’t have, highlight the accomplishments that you do have and express your desire to learn and grow with a company. 

Develop Thoughtful Questions

It is important to remember that interviews are a two-way street. Hiring managers are looking to have a real conversation with you, not just a Q & A session. You should make sure you prepare excellent questions in advance. You might ask about the day-to-day job responsibilities, the company’s value statement, the hiring manager’s favorite part about working for the company, and opportunities for professional development. The key is to demonstrate you’ve researched the company, showcase your enthusiasm for the role, and communicate that you intend to commit to the company.

The degree of preparation often makes the difference between a successful interview and a failed one. If you perform substantial research in advance, think about how you present yourself, stay honest, and ask thoughtful questions, you can give yourself an advantage during the interview process.


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