Areas of Growth and Positions in Demand in Heavy Manufacturing

Areas of Growth and Positions in Demand in Heavy Manufacturing

While manufacturing in the U.S. has been on a steady decline for several decades, in many markets it is now making a comeback. Some areas have more open positions than others, but as a whole manufacturing is showing signs of growth. Professionals who consider themselves ambitious and hard-working have an opportunity to build a rewarding career in the industry. Here are some of the areas of growth and positions in demand in heavy manufacturing.

Areas of Growth

Positions that require technical skills are in especially high demand. Areas of growth include engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgical, and mechanical engineering positions. In the foundry industry, we’ve seen a high demand for solidification modeling specialists and tooling engineers. There are also an increasing number of vacancies in business and management. Preventive and predictive system maintenance and equipment analysis are always in high demand.

Why Work in Heavy Manufacturing

One of the main advantages of working in heavy manufacturing is that there is much less competition for employment than in the technology field. Employees have a chance to make a good living and truly make a mark on the industry. Another benefit of the manufacturing field is that there are numerous career paths to choose from, which gives a lot of room for growth. There are heavy manufacturing positions within the automotive industry as well as the aerospace industry. Manufacturing agricultural equipment, construction equipment, or commercial trucks is also in demand. The options are nearly endless. There is a job that matches almost every interest.

Attracting Talent

Attracting talent is a priority for organizations in heavy manufacturing and many of the best companies are raising compensation for their workers. Modern manufacturing workplaces are safe, clean, and well-lit. Many companies offer in-house training and career development, which are in demand. Most candidates want long-term career support and want to know they can move up. They want to build a career and a life with a company they respect. All of these things can be achieved in heavy manufacturing. Yet, a hands-on job in a hot, loud environment can be a challenging sell for younger generations, that’s why it’s important for job-seekers to know how lucrative and exciting these opportunities can be.

In Conclusion

Heavy manufacturing is an exciting industry right now. There are many job opportunities for job seekers who want to work with their hands and build a stable career for themselves. We’ve found that degreed engineers, especially simulation engineers, can be hired out of college and be making a very nice salary very quickly if not right away.  It’s time to dispel some of the common misconceptions about manufacturing jobs and highlight the many benefits that the industry offers ambitious, hardworking professionals.



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