Become a Better Leader with These Tips

Foundry companies have learned in recent years that the leadership strategies of the past aren’t necessarily as effective as they once were. The newest generation of workers have different values and career goals, so leaders need to focus more on adapting their management styles to a diverse range of employees. Leaders are being called to develop higher levels of emotional intelligence to be successful. Here are some tips to become a better leader for today’s workforce.

Balancing Traditional and Emerging Leadership Styles

Executives need to be good at both of these leadership models to be successful because business, technology, and workforce expectations are constantly changing. For instance, your specialized expertise might have been good enough when you were first hired for your foundry management job, but the industry is always progressing with new regulations, techniques, etc. You’ll become a better leader if you’re open to learning from others along the way. These fast-changing environments can also test your decision-making abilities. The best leaders aren’t overly rigid, but they are willing to adapt or even reverse some of their decisions based on new information received along the way. Effective leadership isn’t always about telling people how to do their jobs. It also involves listening carefully to others to avoid missing valuable information.

Focus More on Your EQ

A high degree of emotional intelligence (EQ) is something that an overwhelming majority of successful leaders share in common today. Although a certain level of traditional intelligence quotient (IQ) is still expected, a growing number of heavy manufacturing companies are focusing more on recruiting candidates with a strong EQ because they also have many of these desirable leadership qualities.

  • Willingness to assume risks
  • Self-awareness
  • Can relate to others easily
  • Don’t strive to be perfectionists
  • Promote balance and self-care
  • Higher degree of curiosity
  • Optimistic outlooks

Don’t be misled into believing that you have to be born with EQ. There are plenty of resources available that can help you to learn and develop emotional intelligence. There are a variety of EQ testing methods on the market but analyzing how much control you have over your life is a good way to judge how developed your EQ is right now. If you want to increase your EQ, then start with utilizing assertive communication. Remember there is a fine line between being too aggressive or passive and communicating your opinions in a respectful manner. Next, focus more on responding and resolving conflicts in a professional manner rather than reacting to them with anger. Self-awareness is always the foundation of a strong EQ. Identifying and naming your emotions on a regular basis is an effective way to enhance your self-awareness.

Balancing traditional and emerging leadership styles, along with developing emotional intelligence is your roadmap to becoming a better leader in today’s diverse and ever-changing workplace.




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