AI Is Improving Workplace Safety

Artificial Intelligence is one form of technology that is helping to transform safety and productivity in the metalcasting industry. Occupational injuries have declined steadily over the past several decades from new and innovative workplace safety programs that implement AI. The good news is that many foundry jobs are not automatable because these positions still require the dexterity and awareness of human workers. But AI is still proving to be a wise investment for improving workplace safety in some of the following ways.

Reduces Human Error

Close to 25% of unplanned downtime in manufacturing can be attributed to human error. We suffer from what is known as cognitive biases, whereas AI promotes predictability and transparency in the workplace. The traditional foundry worker is susceptible to fatigue, stress, etc., or human factors that don’t phase AI. Wearing personal protective equipment has always been the golden rule for keeping workers safe at their manufacturing jobs. AI-SAFE is another tool that organizations are using to ensure that employees are always equipped with required safety gear. The system combines real-time video analysis with machine learning and algorithms to verify that employees are wearing the essential PPE before entering hazardous work areas. If they are missing any equipment, then the system issues a warning and prohibits access.

Data Collection

AI applications are becoming more common in the metalcasting industry to protect workers. Foundries are using worker-tracking technology like motion sensors that are worn by workers to provide safety scores based on how they are lifting and moving heavy objects. Wearable technology can also measure productivity, track worker location, monitor vital signs, and alert workers to environmental risks, all of which make them extremely valuable to employers.

Dangerous Tasks

Robots are being used to perform duties in manufacturing environments that are too dangerous for human workers. It is usually the repetitive tasks that lead to most injuries due to lack of worker attentiveness, so AI can help in this regard as well. A growing number of foundries are also automating material removal processes in an effort to protect more of their workers from the harmful dust and fumes.

Incorporating AI and other forms of technology in the workplace to improve workplace safety is becoming the new norm. AI improves workplace safety, and employers are making full use of these innovative measures to maximize employee retention and productivity with a focus on the most important asset they have – human talent.




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