Build Organizational Leadership from Within

The U.S. military has set the standard for organizational leadership. Instead of recruiting leaders from the outside, they ensure that the necessary skills and talent are always being developed within its ranks. But building leadership from within is an effective strategy that shouldn’t only be limited to the military. From employee satisfaction to company success, the metalcasting industry, along with others, can realize its benefits too. Here are some ways to build organizational leadership from within.

Develop More Junior Leaders

A growing number of organizations are dropping their traditional leadership programs because they are failing to create the managers and bosses that they need to achieve their goals. It takes a more progressive training strategy that casts a much wider net to develop leaders from all experience levels. You can invest in coaching, distance learning, and other special projects for growing a larger pool of junior leaders in your organization. The sooner you have an extensive roster of lower-level leaders the better because they are responsible for handling both customer and employee relationships on a daily basis.

Distribute Experience

A good way to help first-level leaders progress into upper-level executives is by instigating even more experience and skills than they already have. For instance, don’t keep a junior leader that would make a great foundry supervisor someday stuck in the same entry-level position. First, confirm that they are interested in career growth within your organization. Then, rotate them around to different departments every six months to encourage new skills development, greater leadership aptitude, and even more organizational knowledge.

Value People Over Plans

Branches of the military have such histories of success because they learned how to build teams of strong, confident, and well-trained personnel. It means that before you can become fully committed to your professional goals, you have put your employees first by providing them with effective training and transparent performance standards.

Recognize Leadership Traits
Exceptional military leaders are able to achieve great success even amid all of the chaos, which is why many of their qualities are desired in the corporate world as well. Take special notice of employees within your organization who have some of the following traits:

  • Humility
  • Honesty
  • Decency
  • Generosity

Finally, review team leaders that have track records of executing your business strategy while promoting organizational culture.

Success in heavy manufacturing depends on building and maintaining junior leaders who are at least three levels down from senior executives. There are always going to be updates that disrupt the industry, but having the right leaders is the best way to overcome chaos and achieve positive results.




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