The Best Kept Secrets About Employee Retention

According to a 2016 Gallop report, 88% of employees in the U.S. have a job that doesn’t engage and satisfy them. This general lack of engagement helps explain why so many companies struggle with retention. In metalcasting, employee retention ensures consistent quality and team dynamics. The following insights represent some of the best kept secrets about employee retention.

Have a Management Training Program

One of the top reasons good employees leave an organization is because they are not satisfied with management. If you want to increase retention, start by training managers. Professional training sessions can ensure they have the leadership and interpersonal skills needed to gain the trust and respect of employees.

Provide Consistent Feedback

Communication is the key to engagement and mutual trust between managers and employees. When you take the time to provide consistent feedback, you show your team that you care about their success and encourage them to develop new skills. Employees rely on feedback to understand what they are doing well and to understand how the work they perform contributes positively to society.

Practice Respect and Empathy

One of the things most professionals want is to feel valued and respected. To improve employee retention, listen when employees talk to you and go out of your way to see things from their perspective. It also helps to show your appreciation by celebrating individual and team achievements. Acting with gratitude and humility will also contribute to a work culture built on respect and empathy.

Account for Generational Gaps

The metalcasting workforce is becoming increasingly mutigenerational as the age of retirement continues to ascend. You may have members on your team from several different generations. If you take the time to understand each generation, identify what their expectations are, and respond accordingly, you will find retention should increase.

Have a Solid Plan to Grow the Company

Especially in metalcasting, communication and training matter. It helps to have a clear growth strategy with career development built into it. Engagement will be higher if employees know there are opportunities for upward mobility, and if they have the resources that they need to learn the skills they will need to advance within the company.

Metalcasting companies succeed largely on the quality of the employees who serve as the foundation of the company. If you want to grow, you need to retain your top performers. Focus on employee retention by training management in leadership techniques, providing employees with consistent feedback, practicing respect and empathy, accounting for generational gaps, and having a solid plan for growth.



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