Why Foundries Should Engage with a Recruiting Firm

The metalcasting industry is prospering right now from the recent economic boom; however, a talent shortage and critical skill gap has made it increasingly hard for foundries to attract and retain quality talent. Organizations who engage with a recruiting firm will find it easier to identify top talent and persuade them to accept an offer. Here are some reasons why foundries should engage with a recruiting firm.

Talent Network

Fewer and fewer people have the skills needed to succeed in the metalcasting industry. Many schools have stopped offering shop classes, so many students don’t have the ability to learn the kind of skills used in manufacturing. Fewer people are also attending trade schools, choosing to attend four-year colleges instead. Meanwhile, baby boomers are rapidly exiting the workforce. This has created a skills gap and talent shortage. Recruiters are experts in the industry they work in. An industry-focused recruiter will have an extensive talent network. They will know the top talent in manufacturing and be able to reach out to them to see if they are open to a new opportunity.

Speed up the Hiring Process

Given the competitive state of the metalcasting employment market, foundries need to work quickly and efficiently in their hiring process. It takes time to sort through applications, especially if many of the applicants lack the adequate skills. A recruiter can help you identify qualified candidates quickly and streamline the interview phase so when the time you can make your offer faster. Many companies struggle to find talent because by the time they find the right candidate, the candidate has already accepted a job elsewhere.

Access to Passive Candidates

Recruiters will reach out and connect with quality candidates who are already employed. Most people who are employed are open to making a career move if the right opportunity comes their way. In such a tight market, appealing to passive candidates is an essential strategy. Because passive candidates aren’t on job boards or actively looking for employment, engaging with a recruiter is the only way you can access these candidates.

As the metalcasting industry continues to contend with labor shortage and skill gap, the manufacturers who will be the most successful are the ones who can attract quality candidates. Working with a recruiting firm that specializes in manufacturing will give you a competitive edge. Recruiters are experts in the employment market. They can use their extensive network to speed up your hiring process and give you access to better talent.



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