Avoid These Common Interview Mistakes

Every time you go on an interview for a metalcasting job, you are going to be evaluated by the hiring manager. Mistakes are going to happen from time to time since interviewing can be a stressful time. Yet, some mistakes are harder to recover from than others. If you want to increase your chances of getting an offer, avoid these common interview mistakes.

Arriving Late

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to show up late to your interview. You can’t control traffic or weather conditions, so give yourself plenty of time for travel. Even though everyone is late from time to time, arriving late to an interview suggests to an interviewer that you lack time management and organization skills. You don’t want the first impression the hiring manager has of you to be that you are unreliable. Aim to arrive at the interview fifteen minutes early. You can always sit in your car and do some deep breathing exercises to calm your nerves or get your talking points straight for the interview.

Not Asking Questions

During the interview, you want to ask questions that serve to both inform you about the role and show the hiring manager that you are a strong candidate. You want the hiring manager to know you are genuinely interested in working for them, and that you have a grasp on the role and responsibilities. If they ask if you have any questions, and you don’t ask any questions, or you ask questions that aren’t relevant to the position, the manager might assume that you aren’t serious about working for them. Moreover, if you don’t ask good questions, the interview becomes one-sided and awkward. The interview should feel like a natural back and forth conversation. You can practice this with a friend or significant other before the interview.

Being Unprepared

Another fatal mistake is showing up to the interview unprepared. Make sure you arrive with a few impeccable copies of your resume. You also want to research the foundry, the role for which you are interviewing, the hiring manager, company management, and other employees. A good recruiter will provide you with this information and help you prepare, but it’s up to you to take the initiative. Show the interviewer that you’re driven, hardworking, ambitious, and are serious about the job.

Forgetting to Show Tangible Results

One thing candidates often forget to do is show tangible results and quantifiable successes that tie directly to the role with the company. When hiring managers evaluate a candidate, they look for evidence of high performance in their background. Most candidates will discuss their work experience, but many forget to provide examples of their achievements. By providing evidence of tangible results, you will leave no doubt in the hiring manager’s mind that you have the capability to perform the role to their high standards.

Interviews are stressful, so it is easy to make mistakes. Hiring managers in metalcasting don’t expect you to be perfect, but some common interview mistakes will make it hard for you to land a job. If you want to make a good impression on the interviewer, arrive on time, ask thoughtful and relevant questions, come prepared, and remember to showcase tangible results.


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